Sunday, February 27, 2011

TV & Movie guide 2/22-2/27

This is a guide of the shows and movies I have watched for the week. I'm only listing the shows that my DVR is set to record. I watch way too much TV to log in every show I watch, usually just as background noise while I'm doing something else. These are all the shows and movies I actually payed attention too.


2 rerun episodes of "Supernatural"
A rerun episode of "The Closer"
Bad Girls Club


Mad Love
Hawaii 5-o
2 rerun episodes of "Supernatural"
No Ordinary Family


3 rerun episode of "Prime 9"
White Collar
Criminal Minds
Hot in Cleveland
Off the Map
Hot Stove


the Big Bang Theory
Rules of Engagement
Grey's Anatomy
the Mentalist
Blue Bloods
3 reruns of Supernatural


movie - A Time to Kill
movie - Air Force One
movie - the Guardian


MLB's 20 Greatest Games (1979-Phillies vs Cubs)
3 reruns of The Closer
Blue Bloods
Baseball Seasons (2004)
Baseball Seasons (1995)
MLB Network Countdowns (top 50 moments of the 1990's)
Classic World Series Film (1973)
Inside the Actors Studio (Robert Downey jr)
movie - You Again!

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