Sunday, November 15, 2020

Covid and work

Since I have some time, I'll try to throw in a Covid update post.

In case you haven't heard, there's a pandemic going on. We took a month off in March when this all started, than slowly brought back people to fill in positions. I was in the first wave back so I've been back since the beginning of April. We did a pretty good job at keeping the positive cases down in our plant, for awhile. It seems to be running rampant now.

There's a wall between our side of the plant and the other. The other had a few cases here and there but they all work side by side. On our side of the wall, we are pretty spread out so it took awhile for us to start getting cases. Now that we've had them, we can't seem to stop them. 

My department only has 3 or 4 people on each shift so we're not a big department by any means and up until 2 weeks ago, we hadn't had any positive cases. As of today, 2nd shift has been decimated. 2 positives and the 3rd went home Saturday with symptoms. Her sister works 1st and also went home but she hasn't show signs yet. Our boss called in Saturday with possible symptoms as well so we're waiting to see how his test comes back. If he has it, I'm guessing it came from his boss who has been out for 2 weeks and is coming back tomorrow. If my boss comes back positive, there's a good chance all of us on 1st were exposed.

My chances are narrowing as they are shutting down the breakroom again on Monday. I have a microwave and fridge in my office so guess where most of my department will be going for breaks? I got some disinfectant spray from the cleaning lady and I spray my office down a few times a shift. Pretty much every time I go in there to spend some time. I don't know how much that helps but I'm doing it. I also have a sink in my office so I wash my hands a whole lot more than I used to.

I read an article in the Washington post that said that where I live was hit hard in June but squashed it pretty well and stopped it from becoming bad. Now, we are among the top cities in growing cases. In the article, I read it a few weeks ago, it said that the reason we aren't able to squash it this time was with the elections coming up, we couldn't get the help that we had gotten in June. The elected officials didn't want to make mistakes and hurt their chances of getting elected again. Don't even get me started on politics but the fact that it even comes up when there is a pandemic going on and them worrying about their jobs instead of helping their constituents says a lot of what you need to know.

Honestly, I keep waiting for the county to completely shut down again like it did in March, it's gotten that bad, but yet, nothing happens. I read where the governor was trying to hold off moving up another stage, I don't know why. To be honest, I never know if what I'm reading is even real or not anymore.

I'll keep going to work and taking what precautions I need to take to hopefully keeps myself clean of the virus, but to be honest, it feels like the Hunger Games, or rather, the Covid Games. Just waiting to see who the last one standing is.


  1. Well, that sounds awful. I certainly hope your co-workers recuperate quickly and you avoid becoming sick too. Take care. It does seem rather like the Hunger Games in a way!

  2. Stay as safe as you can. My wife's 80 year old mother just caught it. She is asymptomatic, but it is scary.