Sunday, May 5, 2019

Random Catch-Up Post

I was going to post today, but I don't really have much to talk about it so I'm just gonna start typing and see what comes out. It'll probably end up being a random type post but it's better than nothing.

We've been binging on some shows this weekend. Yesterday and this morning we knocked off what was left on the DVR and we watched the whole season of Bonding on Netflix, that sounds like a lot but all 7 episodes were under 20 minutes a piece. I didn't know that when we started it but oh well, it wasn't bad. It had it's funny moments, and raunchy moments, glad the kids weren't home. Now we're watched Dead To Me, also on Netflix. It's listed as a comedy but it's much more of a drama, but either way it's still good. Lots of twists for such a small story. When we're done with that, we'll watch the new Game of Thrones tonight.

Things are going pretty good at work. I just got enrolled for a few classes this summer as well as a class in September to prep me for a huge test that could get me some certifications, which will hopefully come with a big raise. I just hope that's the way my job sees it. It would save the company money, quite a bit so I would think that would be raise worthy. The first class is in less than 2 weeks and I have to travel an hour and a half one way. All 3 of the classes are there (the other 2 are in June) and the test prep class is in Indianapolis which is just under 3 hours from here. It's overnight as well so they'll have to put me up in a hotel. So like I said, I think my job is going well.

We've felt bad that we haven't been taking the dog to the dog park, our oldest always did and said he had a blast so we finally got around to taking him. He pretty much just smelled around everywhere and barely interacted with any other dogs. So now we don't feel bad for not taking him so often. He sniffs and runs around in our back yard, do I really need to take him somewhere else to do that?

I got tickets to my first White Sox game in awhile, I think the last one I went to I took my kids to their first game in 2013. I'm taking my brother and his wife (who hate baseball) and my mom and stepdad (she hates baseball, he doesn't, but he also never watches it). They've been begging me to take them. They said "I don't know why you've never invited us?" Um, because you hate baseball. They'll enjoy it though because they'll like the atmosphere. It's also in a couple of weeks.

I'll post about my walking again in the near future. I've been going from Coors Field in Denver to T Mobile Park in Seattle so there has been a whole lot of nothing to post about. I am in Washington so I'm closing in on Seattle.

If you're confused about this paragraph, go click on the Walking label.

I guess that's it for now with my exciting life.


  1. I've been so sick this week, I couldn't even successfully watch TV. Although, I think I am well enough today that I may tackle the latest Game of Thrones tonight.

    1. I hate being that sick, you feel like since I'm home, I'll get some stuff done online and than you never even feel up to picking up your laptop. Glad you're feeling better and even more, enjoy GOT.