Sunday, May 19, 2019

Busy week for me

I've actually had a busy week, or at least busy for me. I actually filled up a laundry basket of regular clothes. Why does that mean anything? I wash my work clothes separate so I have a laundry basket full of those every week, but when I come home from work, if I have nothing to do, which is most days, I shower and than get in my PJ's to sit around in. Most days I don't put on my regular clothes at all. So when I say I filled up a laundry basket of regular clothes, it means I actually had to get dressed after work.

On Wednesday, I went to the before mentioned class. I talked my work into giving me a shirt with their logo on it to wear there since I was representing them. The class was good, I learned some things. Most people in there were already certified so it all came easy to them, I struggled with some of the newer to me kind of stuff but I think I got it all. It was a 5 hour class and they had a bunch of breaks, free snacks and drinks as well so all in all, it went well.

On Thursday, I went golfing for the first time in 5 years. The work golf league plays every week (9 holes) but I signed up a week late so I needed to make up the first 9. They golf on Wednesdays and since I had that class, I missed the 2nd week. So on Thursday, me and a guy from work went and played 18 to make up the first 2 weeks. I had some really good shots, and some really bad shots. I shot a little higher score than I liked but I'll forgive myself for going over 100, even if it was only by 4 strokes.

Today, I took the fam (mom, stepdad, brother and sister-in-law) to their 1st major league baseball game. I think my Stepdad had been to one before but the rest, it was their first game. We parked, than walked down to O'Malley's where we got a bunch of Chicago Dogs (I had Chili Cheese Dogs) and ate before the game (it's cheaper). Plus we got greek fries at the game (pic on the right) that were really good. It wasn't a great game for the Sox but it was still a pretty good time for us.

That was my week, like I said, it was busy for me. Now I'm going to sit down and watch the Game of Thrones finale and start a new week. Other than my weekly golf game, I have no other plans as of now so I'll go back to being boring.


  1. Those Greek fried look amazing. I don't see food like that over here.

    1. They were amazing. It's the first year they had them so I had to try them.