Friday, November 29, 2013

Randomness #20

I’ve been in a mood to put things in order or make a list, something with statistics.  I know it sounds stupid but I get that way sometimes.  Sadly, I can’t really think of anything to do in that area.  So I’m trying to catch up on my Feedly.  My current amount of unread items is 11,308.  I’m just a tad behind.  Basically what I’m doing is I go through 250 items on Feedly, then I type up a post for My Sports Obsession, then maybe one here if I can think of one (other than this one).  I suppose I could be prepared for Music Mondays or Written Word Wednesdays.  I just don’t find too much to do on this blog anymore.

It has been a horrible year for Michigan Wolverines football.  At the beginning of the year, I was begging my mom for her Michigan vs. Ohio State tickets.  Earlier today, I had the opportunity to purchase a pair, I turned them down.  I have seen no life from this team since the 3rd game of the season and I think they will get crushed tomorrow.  I’m still in shock that I turned down tickets for the greatest rivalry we have.  It may have something to do with the fact that I’m just getting tired of losing to Ohio.  I’ll still have it on my TV come noon tomorrow, but I expect it to be over before halftime.  I hate admitting that I’ve become that kind of fan.  I truly hope they prove me wrong.  They have the talent to win the game, but all year they can’t pull it together to do so.

On the other hand, while I was typing the first paragraph of this post, I was watching the Michigan basketball team and they continue to look good.  They have one loss and it was just a horrible loss.  They played so poorly that I don’t think they could play that bad again if they tried.  I don’t know about being the best team in the nation, but you never know what can happen in a tournament.  They should definitely make a run at the championship this year as they made it to the finals last year.

It’s been a pretty boring day today, and I have 2 more days with nothing planned.  Maybe by then I’ll get through my Feedly.  I’m kind of getting in the mood to get out of here and do something.  That happens every so often.  I know we plan on going grocery shopping on Sunday.  We are waiting until Sunday to make sure all the shopping madness is done since part of our grocery shopping is done at Walmart.  Cheri goes through ads and collects coupons so we always get good deals, sometimes as little as free for some things we pick up.  We go to the local supermarket for meat and vegetables because we are never really happy with the selection at Walmart.  I did do a little black friday shopping today, online that is.  I went to COMC and picked up some cards pretty cheap, that’s about the extent of my black Friday shopping.

I’m now at 9900 posts on Feedly.  Sadly, I haven’t really added much more to this post, and I only did a few other posts for My Sports Obsession.  When I started this I was watching the Michigan basketball game in the afternoon.  Since then, we’ve watched the end of Star Wars II and all of Star Wars III and have been watching the Garth Brooks special, which I think is about over.  But I’m not writing anything else here so this is all you get.

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