Friday, July 12, 2013


I did it, I took the plunge.  I joined Pinterest about a week ago.  It’s a little better than I thought it would be.  My wife uses it to store recipes which I never thought about using it as storage.  It’s kind of what I used my Tumblr for only there I can use multiple pictures in one post.  In Tumblr I can use tags, but on Pinterest, I can use boards.  Plus on Pinterest, I combined my sports tumblr and my personal tumblr into one.  You can click on the Pinterest logo to go to my profile page there or click on one of the boards below.  The boards are alphabetical.


I mainly post book covers of stuff I’ve read or purchased to read but I do have a few other things book related on it.  Such as the cover photo above.


These are the hotties of the big and little screen and even sports celebs.  Don’t worry, no nudes, I would never look for nude pictures on the internet.  Never.


I post humorous stuff here, a lot of it is the same stuff I post on my Random Thoughts facebook page, but not everything.


One of my big 3 sports teams that I follow.  Albeit it the least of the 3.


Can’t have a social media site that has pictures without pictures of my kids can I?


It’s sad to say but this board has my 2nd highest amount of pins (1st is humor).  I take enough pictures of her (usually to make my wife jealous) that I figured I might as well have a board of her.


My 2nd favorite sports team, although technically I follow multiple sports from Michigan so I don’t know if you can call it a sports team.  It may be my 2nd favorite but it’s very close to my 1st favorite.


I titled it Star ? because I post Star Trek and Star Wars stuff to it.  They are both awesome, but I am a Trekkie first.


I haven’t added too much to this board yet, but I’m sure I will.


I combined TV, Movies and Music into one category.  It’ll mostly be Movies and TV but I have added a few music album covers that I loved growing up.


This board is mostly vintage baseball with a few basketball.  It won’t have much football just because I didn’t really watch football growing up.


Of course, my number 1 sports team board.  Even though they suck (except against the Tigers apparently) lately, I still like them.  It’s a curse.

So far I have 210 pins.  (Humor (31), Kitty (29), White Sox (28), TV Movies & Music (23), Vintage Sports (20), Star ? (19), Michigan (17), Female Celebrities (14), Kids (12), Books (11), Indianapolis Colts (4) and Superheroes (2)

Pinterest is easier than Tumblr because I go through Feedly for most everything that I read and all you have to do is click the little P on the top left of any picture, and it goes right to Pinterest.  A lot easier than reblogging something on Tumblr.  I did go through my Instagram account, that’s where all the kitty and kids pics came from.

So there you go, you now know my shame.  I joined Pinterest.  I doubt I can compete with my wife on this social media site so come join me there, follow a board, or better yet, me.

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