Saturday, July 20, 2013

Working in the heat

2013-07-16 15.02.02It’s been a little toasty around here which of course means it must be screencapture01my 5 day work week.  It’s been in the 90’s with humidity driving up the temps over 100°.  Which at work means way hotter than that.  I took the screenshot to the left on Tuesday, that doesn’t include the humidity.  Sometimes the screenshot to the right happens as well.

They do provide us with ice and Gatorade but we have to make it.  We wouldn’t want management to actually do something for us.  Needless to say I drink a crap load of it in one day.  Our line leader even makes a cooler of it for us up on the line but she makes it so strong.  On Monday, I filled up my water container 3/4 full of water then topped it off with her Gatorade and it was perfect.  That’s how strong she makes it.  I’d say my water bottle contains close to 32 ounces, I fill it up with water the night before work and put it in the fridge.  I drink that up to my first break, then fill it up with ice and Gatorade and do that through my next 3 breaks.  So you can see I stay well hydrated which is the key.  I’ve gotten used to the heat and all the sweat but even so, I have to stay hydrated otherwise I’ll get sick.  Hasn’t happened yet, but it’s possible.

The nice thing about dealing with the heat at work, is it makes it much easier to deal with the heat outside work.  Even though the realfeel has been around 100, it hasn’t felt that hot to me.

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  1. Glad you're surviving the heat. Take care and don't overdo.