Thursday, July 18, 2013

All-Star post #2

2013-07-14 13.44.46

Samantha’s team won the next 2 All-Star games and are heading to the semi-final tonight (Thursday).  She hasn’t faired much better with her bat, not exactly a great time to go into a slump.  She has played well in the field, no errors that I can think of.  The second game she at least got on base 3 times with a hit by pitch and 2 walks before grounding out in her last at bat.  They won that game 18-1 after scoring 11 runs in the first inning.  In Wednesday’s game she didn’t start but made it in for 2 more at bats, both strike outs.  She made a few good plays at 1st base though and they won that one 8-3 (I think).  They play one of the better teams tonight so we’ll see how that goes and if Samantha can break her slump.

I’ve been keeping the book the last couple of games, the coach that kept it the first game had no clue what she was doing.  She’s pretty much a worthless coach anyways, she just sits there, the only time you hear from her is when she’s either yelling or cheering for her own daughter.  There is a guy in the stands that was supposed to take her place after an issue in practice and he would have been so much better for it, actually helped the girls.  But they let her come back and I doubt this coach will let her coach with him again.  She’s pretty much useless.

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  1. Useless? Maybe. But at least she's participating whereas many adults don't even bother.