Monday, September 3, 2012

What the Hell Are You Watching? vol. 2

I took pictures of my series priority pages on my DVR and we’ll go through them.  I’ll post the pictures at random because most of the top priorities are the first ones listed because they only show once, usually the local networks.  Then all the cable network stuff is listed next because they replay them all the time.  We record so many shows that some days and times there are 4 shows on my list but it’s only a dual tuner DVR, which means I can only record 2 shows at a time.  It almost always works out that a couple of them are on cable networks and they replay them right after or a few hours after.  If not, I catch the episode online or on demand.


#61 – The Nine Lives of Chloe King – I’m going to guess that this show is cancelled because we haven’t seen it in awhile.  I’ll go look, hang on a sec.  Yep, according to the all knowing Wikipedia, it was cancelled almost a year ago.  Told you I hadn’t seen it in awhile.  For those who don’t know, Chloe King was a teenager who found out she had cat like powers.  She finds out she’s supposed to protect humans while there are assassins after her kind.  Cheri and I liked it, I’m a little disappointed it’s not on anymore.

#62 – Real Housewives of D.C. – Not mine, these shows annoy me.  The woman in it are just so much drama.

#63 – Real Housewives of OC – see above.

#64 – Khloe & Lamar – Another one of my wife’s show.  Although on occasion I have partaken in it, I think Lamar is funny.

Summary – Well that was easy, 3 out of 4 were Cheri’s shows.  She usually watches those while I’m at work.


#89 – Men at Work – My brother turned me on to this show.  It has Danny Masterson from That 70’s show in it.  It’s about 4 guys who work together, 2 are living the bachelor life, 1 has a girlfriend and Mastersons character is recently single again.  It has a lot of guy humor in it, so what’s not to like.

#90 – Perception – We’ve actually taken this show off the DVR.  We watched the first 3 or 4 episodes but just couldn’t get into it.

#91 – Anger Management – This is Charlie Sheen’s new show.  I think it’s pretty funny, it has it’s moments.  And Charlie Sheen, drugs or no drugs, is pretty funny.  Cheri enjoys it as well and she’s more picky than I am on shows.  Well, maybe not, since she likes that crap up above.

#92 – My Cat From Hell – Yeah, yeah, yeah.  My wife and I found this show recently and we both like it.  It’s kind of a cat whisperer.  He goes into peoples homes who have problems with their cats.  What’s funny is most of the time, it’s the people doing things the cat doesn’t like.  It’s also funny because the dude that does it, is this big, shaved head, all kinds of tattoo’s and piercings but is the nicest guy.

Summary – These are some of the newer shows because it’s towards the end of my priority list.  3 out 4 good shows.  I took Perception off last weekend so it wasn’t even that long ago when I deleted it.


  1. I didn't realize Perception had already started. It looked interesting and I was hoping to catch it. But my rule is that, if I don't have time to watch it when it's on, I don't have time later. And I've never paid attention to exactly when it was scheduled. My bad!

    1. It wasn't bad, but I just didn't connect with it. After the kids go to bed, we tend to plop in front of the TV so I usually have the time. Usually with my laptop on my lap. I'm a multi-tasker.