Friday, September 28, 2012


I’ve spoke of the cousins before.  Here is another story for you.

These 2 sets of brothers, pretty much grew up together.  Even lived in the same household for some of it.  During the days, they played sports outside with the neighborhood.  Baseball, wiffle ball, football, basketball and whatever else they could come up with.  This isn’t the story about playing catch in the driveway at night and getting a baseball to the head, nor is it about the soccer ball breaking the lamp out front of the house.  This one was actually intentional.

3 of the cousins were awake, the Midge wasn’t.  I couldn’t tell you who had the idea but what I remember is we went downstairs to wake the Midge up.  They shook him awake, he was groggy.  They told him it was time to get up, he didn’t want to.  “But Midge, we’re all up and want to play some wiffle ball”.  “No, let me sleep” he cried.  “But it’s almost 12 and the whole neighborhood is out there waiting for you, come on, we need one more” they pleaded.

“I don’t know, I’m so tired.”  “The whole neighborhood is out there, chanting your name” and the 3 cousins started to chant his name.  They started softly “Midge, Midge” and got a little louder “MIDGE, MIDGE” and finally the Midge broke down and crawled out of bed.  The 3 cousins took off while he got dressed.  The Midge drug himself upstairs and headed outside only to be met with complete darkness.

He came back inside to see the 3 cousins laughing at him as he glances at the clock to see that they hadn’t lied, it was almost 12.  At night.

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