Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The latest work drama

So, yesterday’s drama at work would concern our bonus.  First off, when I started here almost 13 years ago, we got a $10/weekly attendance bonus (if you showed up every day that week) plus a monthly bonus that was based on profits which average between $350 and $400 (take home).  Now, we have no attendance bonus and we have a quarterly bonus that usually runs between $100 and $150.  I understood when they took the bonus’ away because the company did fall on hard times (although it’s my belief it was still making money) but now that we are up and going with more work than ever (at least we were a few months ago) we got very little back.

With that being said, you all know about going from 3 8 hour shifts to 4 12 hour shifts because we had so much metal.  Today they posted in the break room that we will not be receiving a quarterly bonus because when we had a bad transition time when switching shifts.  Really?  So because management didn’t take the time to have people ready to come in when we switched to 12 hour shifts, we are being punished.  Maybe before you make a huge decision about adding another shift, you should wait at least a month before the transition takes place instead of saying “We’re switching to 12 hour days next week” then can’t figure out why we aren’t getting any metal done when you’ve divided the work force to run in 4 shifts.

And by the way, in those meetings where we discussed (you told us) we were switching, you had said that we have so many orders and metal coming in that you don’t foresee us slowing down for a long time.  Funny how 4 months later we have very little metal to keep us busy.  Good thing you don’t have to pay us overtime anymore otherwise you would run out of money.  Or you could take our bonus, apparently that works too.

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  1. One of the benefits of being self employed is that when things go wrong i have no one to blame but myself. Wait a minute...that hardly sounds like a benefit, now that I think about it. Too bad your employers aren't treating you guys better.