Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Google maps stardom

I got bored the other night.  I was looking something up on Google maps and started messing around.  Checking out places I’ve lived and such.

Google Maps(2)

The green arrow shows my car at work.  It also shows the multitudes of people who can’t park.  When we get to work, all the empty spots are filled with 3rd shift’s cars.  I parked on the outside of the lot because there were no spots when I got there.  I tend to get there last second.  I clock in every day at 6:58.

Google Maps(3)

This is in front of what is now my brother’s house.  But at the time it was taken, I lived there.  It’s also the house I grew up in.  But I digress, both those cars were owned by me.  The one on the right I still drive but I’ve had it for 9 years now.  The white car was a beater that I bought as a 2nd car for my ex and I.  I haven’t lived at this house in probably 5 years so it’s an old photo.  I want to say that would be someone else (probably the ex) getting out of the car because I would like to think I would have noticed a Google car going by.

It’s kind of hard to miss the camera mount on top.  My wife and I have seen this car while sitting at a stop sign.  The problem is, we were lost at the time and haven’t been able to find ourselves on Google maps because we don’t really know exactly where we were.

My cars used to be outside another place I lived but that picture has since been updated and they are no longer there.

How many times are your vehicles on Google maps?  Have you ever seen a Google maps car?

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