Friday, August 17, 2012

WTF Did They Just Say #6

I really need to change this from WTF Did They Just Say? to Reasons I Will Never Advance at my company.

That’s right, this edition is all me again.  I try to avoid people so I don’t ever hear anyone say anything for these.  First some backstory, you all know that management changed our hours to 12 hour days.  Well, specifically, it was all the plant manager’s doing.

His kids go to the school I graduated from (Penn) so I’ve seen him a few times at high school events, mostly football games.  He walks up to me and says “You going to the Penn game tonight?”  I was actually asked to go, because my family is going but had to decline for reasons you’ll see in my response below.  I looked at him and said.

“I can’t because someone dicked over my hours and I’ll be here for 12 hours.”

That would be another reason I try to avoid people, my mouth tends to get me in trouble.  He joked it off about rushing straight over after work.  But I bit my tongue on the rest of what I had to say.  If I go to the game, I get home after 10, shower, go to bed, and get up again for another 12 hours tomorrow and Sunday.  While you’ll probably be enjoying time with your family all weekend.  I know it was rough working this week when you had all of last week off but some of us can’t afford to even use our vacation days together because we don’t get paid when we use them.

I could have a lot of these if work handed them out instead of safety awards.

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  1. ...and yet the rest of us are jealous that you actually say the things we would like to say!