Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What the Hell are you watching? vol. 1

I decided on a new series for the blog called What the Hell Are You Watching?  Basically, I took pictures of my series priority pages on my DVR and we’ll go through them.  I’ll post the pictures at random because most of the top priorities are the first ones listed because they only show once, usually the local networks.  Then all the cable network stuff is listed next because they replay them all the time.  We record so many shows that some days and times there are 4 shows on my list but it’s only a dual tuner DVR, which means I can only record 2 shows at a time.  It almost always works out that a couple of them are on cable networks and they replay them right after or a few hours after.  If not, I catch the episode online or on demand.

I’ll admit, I watch a lot of TV.  Some say that takes me away from time with my kids or stuff like that.  Well that’s the advantage of a DVR.  I do watch a lot of TV, but I watch it on my time.  Which means I don’t turn down things to do just because something is on TV that night.

So let’s get to it, I’ll random the photos and pick 2.  The series priority doesn’t necessarily mean it’s my favorite show.  It’s just in order of what series I told the DVR to record first.


#81 – So You Think You Can Dance – This is actually my wife’s show.  I do watch some of them when there aren’t any of the shows I watch on the DVR.  Otherwise, my wife watches it when I’m at work.  Definitely not a priority on my list.

#82 – Hatfields & McCoys – I guess I can delete that one since it was a 3 night event and then it was over.  But it was an awesome mini-series, I forget what they called it, but it’s essentially a mini-series.  My wife even loved this series, she was actually the one that told me to record it because she had seen a preview for it.

#83 – Gene Simmons Family Jewels – This is my wife’s as well.  Although, in most cases it gets watched while I’m at home.  I do enjoy the show, I thought it was going to be a pretty typical rock star life but it is actually a very interesting show.  Gene has a big heart whether he wants to admit it or not.  Plus, it has Shannon Tweed in it.  I watched all her soft-core porn stuff before I was old enough to watch real porn.  Brings back memories of spanking it to Cinemax after dark.

#84 – Keeping up With the Kardashians – This is another one of my wife’s.  I am guilty of watching it sometimes.  I mainly stare at their boobs, shake my head at Kris and feel bad for Bruce.  Definitely wouldn’t want to have any part of that family.  Don’t tell my wife, but Scott is growing on me.  He doesn’t care how he acts where as everyone else is playing up to the camera’s.  I used to think it was the other way around.

Summary – You’ll notice on the high numbers, a lot of them will be my wife’s shows because most of what she watches is on cable channels.


#53 – Beyond Scared Straight – If you haven’t seen this, see it.  They take at-risk teenagers to prisons and actually show them what it’s like.  They get walked in around the prisoners and some of them even have one-on-one with the prisoners.  It’s always great to see the bad ass kid cry his eyes out by the time he leaves.  It helps some, but not all.  Most teenagers are too stupid to learn from other people, if they could, they would listen to their parents more.

#54 – Jerseylicious – Yeah, that would be my wife’s.  I don’t know that I’ve even seen the show.  It would be one of those shows that if she watches it while I’m home, then I completely ignore the TV.  I have no desire to watch these.

#55 – Switched at Birth – My wife and I both like this show.  It’s about 2 kids that were switched at birth.  Everyone finds out and it’s about everyone getting along and trying to be a family.  But, one family is rich, the other is poor.  One daughter is deaf, the other is not.  It’s an interesting show, better than I made it sound.

#56 – Tori & Dean/Home Sweet Hollywood – Another one I don’t watch.

Summary - Guess I should have named this series What the Hell is Your Wife watching?  There are a total of 96 shows that get recorded, I watch 59.  So over half is mine, the random just didn’t do well.  Look at this way, we knocked off a bunch of wife shows right off the top.  Stay tuned for vol. 2

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