Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kids weekend

Last Saturday, I took the kids down to a local back-to-school kids health fair where her Girl Scouts troop were offering free face painting.  While the girls did the face painting, I took the brothers of the girls over to a local park so they didn’t have to just sit there while they face painted.

IMG_20120811_132247    IMG_20120811_132354


The kids had a great time, just hanging out with other kids.  And as it seems, they painted themselves as much as other kids.

Then on Sunday, the kids and I went to the University of Michigan’s fan appreciation youth day.  Last year we hit up the garage sale in the morning and then went to the stadium in the afternoon.  This year, along with changing the name, they changed the garage sale, to the day before. It really sucked because I would have liked to pick up some t-shirts at least. Although, a fellow sports card blogger hooked me up with a shirt so at least I got one. 

Last year, we tried to get Denard Robinson’s autograph and never made it through the line before they were gone.  This year, our goal was to get a bunch of autographs.  It didn’t matter to us who because it was more for the kids.  While I do collect autograph cards of Michigan players, I wasn’t overly concerned with getting these autographs for myself.  They hand out posters as your going in and my mom grabbed those while the kids and I got into lines.  I took a crap load of pictures of the kids getting autographs but I won’t bore you with all of those.  But I do have other pics to share.

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My kids and my brothers kids.  It was a family trip.  The first picture is outside “the Big House” waiting to get in, the 2nd one was taken while waiting in line for the autographs.

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A shot walking into ‘the Big House”.  I don’t care for all the stuff at the bottom corner, kind of ruins the atmosphere.  That’s one of the changes when they changed it from fan appreciation day to youth day.  Oh well.  The 2nd picture was taken down on the field.

2012-08-12_15-20-39_320   2012-08-12_15-21-04_150

Trevor didn’t want to get into this picture, I told him to get in it anyways, he’d appreciate it when he got older.  Then Samantha said she wanted a picture with them because they were all so pretty.

2012-08-12_15-30-25_237   2012-08-12_15-33-01_25

Samantha got to bang on a few drums with the band members.

2012-08-12_20-15-56_617   2012-08-12_20-16-11_225

Here are the posters autographed by the players.  We told one of the players that Trevor’s birthday was on Monday so in the right picture, you can see where he put “Happy Birthday, Trevor! Go Blue” then signed it “Team 133”  The players were pretty awesome with the kids.  Asking them about school and making conversation with them.  They had a great time.

2012-08-12_20-19-55_326   2012-08-12_20-20-07_706

Samantha wanted to get my hat autographed.  She got most of them on there before running out of room.  If we do that next year, we will have to bring a silver sharpie so they can autograph on the blue as well.

It was a fun day and a fun weekend.  I’m finding with the schedule change at work and having more days off that I like to get out and do things on some days.  Before, I worked so many days that when I had a day off, I didn’t want to do anything.  I still feel that way on the weeks that I work Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  But the weeks that I only work Wednesday and Thursdays, I enjoy getting out and doing something with the kids.  Although that will stop next week when they go back to school.


  1. That sounds fun. It's cool that a college does this...although I guess Michigan is big enough, there are probably more fans than of some of the professional teams!

    1. Your probably right considering the stadium holds over 110,000 and it's packed every game. It's nice to take the kids to because they love Michigan because of me but don't really follow them so it gives them something tangible to enjoy.