Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some Humor for today

Read today that Ashton Kutcher was taking the spot on “2 1/2 men”.  I’d still watch it, I think the majority of the comedy in that show is the writers.  It’ll have to be good to keep my interest because I used to love that show.  But they haven’t lost me as a fan yet.  I also heard that they already had a storyline to introduce his character.  I’m glad they didn’t go the route of just picking up an actor to play Charlie’s character, I hate when they replace the actor/actress on a show.  Like your not supposed to notice it’s someone new.

On to the humor.


His looks says it all.


On one hand, great usage of the water to keep that bill down, you know, showering together.  But on the other hand, ewwww!!  Of course, for all we know, him and his sister could be 2 year olds, then it would be cute.


I love this one, I think all parents should do this out in public.  That would stop these idiots from wearing their pants half-assed.  I could see myself doing this if my kids wanted to go to the mall.  I’d tuck my t-shirt in my Spongebob boxers and pull my pants part way down and even walk through the mall with them.  Wouldn’t bother me a bit.  Maybe get a shirt that says “If my kids can dress like idiots, so can I”

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