Sunday, May 29, 2011


Cheri and I went to Cantigny park on Saturday.  We were in the area dropping off a stereo to a guy I sold it to on ebay.  He suggested we hit it up since we were in the area.  He even gave us free parking passes.  And we were glad he did, it was a very enjoyable.  We originally went to walk the garden’s but ended up going to the First Division museum.  In the museum, the went through each war that we have been in with displays, video and even some audio as you went through.  The visuals were tremendous.  And then outside the museum they have a bunch of different tanks sitting around that they allow the kids to climb on.  There were so many pictures we took, if you follow my wife on facebook you can check them all out there.  I’m going to post a bunch below as well but it would take me forever to detail each one.  But here they are.

249838_10150201553737426_593602425_7285034_5995361_n   252396_10150201553917426_593602425_7285038_2663766_n

249804_10150201549802426_593602425_7284912_8167402_n   250366_10150201549887426_593602425_7284915_2267756_n   255633_10150201549972426_593602425_7284918_588173_n   248468_10150201549997426_593602425_7284919_5296819_n

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The rest were taken of displays of each war.  The got jumbled when I saved them to my computer so it may jump back and forth between wars but you’ll get the idea.

247177_10150201551552426_593602425_7284966_1018222_n   247929_10150201551817426_593602425_7284972_4317441_n

248087_10150201551097426_593602425_7284951_4861404_n   248566_10150201550477426_593602425_7284935_4342017_n

249732_10150201550887426_593602425_7284946_7055661_n   250049_10150201551052426_593602425_7284950_5105433_n

250259_10150201551357426_593602425_7284961_6057872_n   250871_10150201551197426_593602425_7284955_4976371_n

251772_10150201552002426_593602425_7284979_6709544_n   252050_10150201551912426_593602425_7284975_5903907_n

252149_10150201550567426_593602425_7284939_5902201_n   253501_10150201550717426_593602425_7284942_1807633_n

253544_10150201551422426_593602425_7284963_4451366_n   254352_10150201551392426_593602425_7284962_1613086_n

254416_10150201551177426_593602425_7284954_5047487_n   254965_10150201550767426_593602425_7284943_2515064_n

255543_10150201551582426_593602425_7284967_4185334_n   255716_10150201551747426_593602425_7284970_1647065_n


And some pics of just a few of the tanks that were outside the museum.

247000_10150201549372426_593602425_7284896_5702219_n   251184_10150201549512426_593602425_7284900_394951_n

248360_10150201552252426_593602425_7284988_348381_n   250473_10150201549397426_593602425_7284897_7123672_n

252278_10150201552167426_593602425_7284985_7990281_n   252697_10150201552222426_593602425_7284987_3927469_n


Like I said, a truly unique and great experience.  We are planning on making that trip again with the kids.  Plus they have all kinds of events throughout the year.  We are definitely going to the baseball game where they play with the rules and equipment of the 1800’s and there is a lego/train event next winter that we want to go.  Check out the website and if your in the Chicago area, specifically Wheaton, IL.  Check it out.

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