Friday, March 11, 2011

Next Book

Finished reading “Pale Demon” by Kim Harrison. Loved it, not that I’m surprised. I have read the whole “The Hollows” series and they just get better and better. This was my 2nd book I’ve read on my phone (Kindle app) and I must say I love it too. Although I hear the “Nook” has where you can download books from a library and it leaves your device after 3 weeks and goes back to the library. So that app may be in my future but for now, the kindle is my choice. Probably because I’ve downloaded a couple of books from $.99 to free and do I really need free library books if I’m getting them free anyways. Next on my list is “the Vampire’s Warden” by S.J. Wright. I got hooked up with this book because she graduated from Penn in 1989 and she is on my facebook friends list. I’ll probably start that one on Monday. I read a little bit at home, but I usually don’t start a book at home.

pale demon vamp

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