Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finished and Current book

wild sightvampire-millionaire

I finished “the Wild Sight” by Loucinda McGary earlier in the week.  I wasn’t really impressed, It was ok, it kept my attention.  But what I found out, is how I can tell if I really like the book.  Is what I do when I’m going to the bathroom.  If I play games, I’m not really into the book I’m reading.  If I’m opening up the Kindle to read, then I’m into the book.  Last week I was playing lots of “Angry Birds” and “Words with Friends”, this week, I’m opening the Kindle.  “the Wild Sight” was alright, I didn’t stop in the middle, that says something.  Although I don’t like to leave a book in the middle so it really has to be horrible for me not to finish it at all.  So it kept me entertained at the least, but I found myself reading at the end just so I could start another book.  My newest free Kindle book “How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire” by Kerrelyn Sparks, doesn’t sound like my typical book, other than the whole vampire thing.  It’s actually pretty good, I like the story so and it’s definitely entertaining.  I was afraid it was going to be a big romance type but it’s not.  It has good and bad vampires, it has the CIA trying to kill the vampires.  And it has vampire covens against vampire covens.  And one poor mortal woman trying to be killed by all but the good vampires.  I chose to read “the Wild Sight” first because I wasn’t sure about this book.  Boy did I make a mistake.  This is a much better read.

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