Sunday, August 25, 2019

This Weeks Timeline

I've mentioned here before that I've been making kind of a journal for myself or for when after I'm gone so I won't go into the details but I figured I could make a post of it occasionally. This will be a little flashback of the last 10 years or so from this week. I won't post everything, some photographs, maybe where I was if I went anywhere, movies I watched, stuff like that.

August 18th
2004 (Wednesday)
Photograph - Samantha licking off frosting

2010 (Wednesday)
Photograph - First day of school

2012 (Saturday)
Instagram - Kitty Chilling

2017 (Friday)
Google Maps - Left to camp at Jellystone campgrough in Fremont, IN

2018 (Saturday)
Letterboxd - Watched the movie Central Intelligence

2019 (Sunday)
Letterboxd - Watched 7 movies from the Into the Dark series

August 19th
2011 (Friday)
My Sports Obsession - Posted my 100th blog post

2012 (Sunday)
Google Timeline - Had supper at Red Lobster
Instagram - unlimited shrimp

2013 (Monday)
Google photos & timline - Went to Highland Firearms

2018 (Sunday)
Google Timeline - Had 5 Guys Burger & Fries for lunch

August 20th
2007 (Monday)
Photograph - Picking up Sam at school

2012 (Monday)

Google Timeline - Went to the outlet mall in Michigan City, IN

2016 (Saturday)
Google Timeline - Had Taco Bell in Columbia City, IN
Google Timeline - Visited Skyler at Ball State University in Muncie, IN

2018 (Monday)

Facebook - My mom found my work badge from where I worked from 1991-1994.

2019 (Tuesday)
Google Timeline - Went to the eye doctor (post to come)
Google Timeline - Had IHOP for supper.

August 21st
2010 (Saturday)
Google Timeline - Played cards at my ex-bosses house.

2015 (Friday)
Google Timeline - Grabbed the kids supper at McDonalds

2016 (Sunday)
Google Timeline - Went to cousins wedding

2018 (Tuesday)
Journal - Passed a city inspection at work.

2019 (Wednesday)
Google Timeline - Went golfing.

August 22nd
2004 (Sunday)

Photograph - Samantha and I

2009 (Saturday)
Facebook - Had the separation talk with Samantha this morning. Had to explain why mom and dad don't live together anymore, lots of crying.
Letterboxd - Went to the theaters to see Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsoniam.

2013 (Thursday)

Instagram - Doing homework on a Friday

2015 (Saturday)
Google Timeline - Went to one of my nieces weddings

2018 (Wednesday)
Google Timeline - Had Jimmy John's for lunch (at work)

2019 (Thursday)

Google Photos - Milo hiding

August 23rd
2018 (Thursday)
Google Timeline - Had Taco Bell for supper.

2019 (Friday)
Google Timeline - Had Mancino's for supper.

August 24th
2012 (Friday)
Google Timeline - Had Happy Cooker for lunch.
Google Timeline - Moved Skyler into IUSB.

2013 (Saturday)
Google Timeline - Had Jimmy John's and than Ritters for supper.

2014 (Sunday)
Letterboxd - Watched Noah.

2018 (Friday)
Google Timeline - Had McDonalds for breakfast.
Google Timeline - Had Simonton Lake Drive-In for lunch.
Google Timeline - Had Long John Silver's for supper.

2019 (Saturday)
Google Timeline - Had Jade Garden for supper.

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