Sunday, August 11, 2019

Damn Teenagers

I feel like I should post here but I don't really have much to say. I probably feel that way because I told a guy at work that I post here and I know he went to the blog, whether or not he does again is the question.

I got a few issues I guess I can discuss. The first being my teenage daughter. She's a good kid as far as getting into trouble and doing things she's not supposed to do but I worry about her for other reasons. She is so co-dependent with her girlfriend that she has no other friends and has no desire to have any friends. Now, part of that is my fault because I don't really hang out with anyone other than my wife but it's not like I go out of my way to not have friends. I have friends at work, people I talk to, I go golfing once a week with a guy from work. The difference between herself and I is that I don't turn down things when people invite me to do things. Whether my wife goes or not, I'll go without her. Samantha has absolutely nothing to do with anyone unless there is a reason she can't be talking to her girlfriend. Her girlfriend was away for 4 or 5 days, all of the sudden, she's hanging out with another friend. As soon as her girlfriend is available again, haven't seen the friend since.

That's not the part that worries me the most. The part that worries more is her need for drama. If you're a regular reader (if I still have any), I have access to her phone and anytime I think I need to check it, I check it. Well, while her girlfriend was gone (she was in the hospital without her phone), she would text her only it wasn't, just thinking about you, or hope you're getting better or something like that. She talked about how horrible she's doing. I'm so lost without you, I'm so bad off that my friend has to hang out with me. That's an issue, it's all about her. Now, she's not that way with us much because we'll call her out on it but the need for everything to be about her is ridiculous. I'll be honest, I used to love to hang out with her, now, not so much.

She likes to tell people that she's just like me. Um, no you aren't. I don't have to rely on anyone else to make myself feel good. I love being alone and having alone time. I hate drama and want nothing to do with it. I go eat by myself, I've gone to the movies by myself. If you're not with your girlfriend, you're hiding in your room.

Don't get me wrong, I love her with all my heart but if I were honest, I'm just looking forward to her growing up and getting out of this "teenage" phase so I can have some kind of relationship with her again. This, you don't understand mental illness stage has got to go. It's time for her to grow up and realize her "life" is exactly where she's putting herself. I try to give advice but she doesn't want to listen. She's a teenager, she knows everything.

I guess had more to say about that than I thought so I'll leave this post at that.

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  1. I was happy to see that you called it a phase at the end. Not that there is not need for concern, but most teenagers are very egocentric and have trouble seeing outside their own immediate bubble. I hope it will pass.