Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I made it to my 3rd ballpark

I've been walking a little more, even if I haven't been posting about it. I'm trying to stay motivated to do so but it doesn't always happen. The last couple of days it's been in the 60's and I got out and walked after work for a couple of miles. Today, it dropped to the 50's, which wasn't bad, but it was windy as hell which dropped the realfeel temperature way below that. We were supposed to get gusts over 60 mph so I decided to nix the walk.

I was a little bummed because I had over 12,000 steps the last couple of days and it's supposed to be a lot colder the rest of the week. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I've debated on being a mall walker on the cold days but none of them are all that close.

Day 63, Milwaukee, WI (204.1 Miles)
I made it past my 3rd ballpark yesterday. Miller Park in Milwaukee. I'll be heading to the next one tomorrow.

An aeriel view of the ballpark. It's supposed to be a very nice ballpark and I would love to actually see a game there at some time. This would have been my view though.

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