Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Day 6 & 7, September Challenge

I didn't post yesterday, probably was unconsciously embarrassed by my steps on Monday. I took the day off walking since it was labor day. I figured I'd make it up during this week.

About that, I did get my 10,000 yesterday but that's because I did it all at work and pretty much wore my ass out so I didn't go walking on Tuesday either. Uh Oh, that's 2 days in a row I didn't walk.

So did I get out and walk today so I didn't go 3 days without walking? Um, about that. Today, technically, wasn't my fault. I got home a little before 3 and then had to take my daughter to an appointment at 4. I got home about 20 minutes after 5 but then had to leave to pick up my son at 6 who had a field trip. We grabbed supper on the way home and I don't think I've ever walked after supper. I'm to fat for that.

Oh, did I mention it's been middle 90's with the humidity here the last 3 days. That's my real reason, that sounds better. It's unhealthy to walk in that kind of weather. Right?

The Day Before Yesterday and Yesterday

Monday                                                     Tuesday             

Total Stats for September
(as of 9/6/16)

  • Total Steps = 58,757 steps
  • Daily Average = 9,792 steps
  • +/- = -1,243

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