Monday, September 5, 2016

Day #5, September Challenge

I took the day off, it's Labor day. So don't expect many steps on tomtorrow's post for today's stats. I'll make it up during the week. That's why I made the challenge for 10,000 step average and not 10,000 a day. I knew I'd have days like this. I could have gotten out and walked this morning before our Labor Day get together but I decided to just chill. By the time I left my mom's, drove Samantha's friend home and ate supper, I didn't really have a whole lot of time before dark afterwards.

Our get together was the usual, hung out and ate lots of food. Which is a good day in my book. I always have enjoyed hanging out even if we're just chatting most of the time.

Yesterday's Stats

Total Stats for September
(as of September 4th)

  • Total Steps = 44,694 steps
  • Daily Average = 11,174 steps
  • +/- = +4,694

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