Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cutting the Cord

Well, so much for blogging about my step goals and it keeping me motivated. I have no motivation to do it. I stopped not long after that last post. I suck! I'm fat and am apparently going to stay that way. So move on and quit harping on me about it.

We've been seriously debating on ditching cable all together. Cutting the cord is what it's called now-a-days. The cost is outrageous when I can watch most, if not all, my shows on Hulu for $13/month. The only thing that has kept me from ditching it before now is live sports. No more games. No more Michigan basketball and football, no more White Sox games and no more Colts games. The Colts games I can live without, I'm a fan, but NFL is a distant 3rd to MLB and NCAA.

I think I have a way to watch Michigan games, not live, but later in the day from when it aired. The White Sox games will suck, I'll only get to see a few games out of the 162 they play and that's if MLB airs them for free on their app.

I don't know. We're signing up for a free 7 days on Hulu and if everything goes well, we will probably we ditching cable and saving close to $100 on our bill.


  1. I don't recall exactly when we cut cable ~ nearly a year ago? Or maybe it just seems longer, ha ha. We still have Comcast internet, because our other options are just as expensive, or not reliable or fast. But that did cut a bit over $100 from our monthly bill. There is Sling TV, which has ESPN, ESPN 2 & ESPN 3, which has various sporting events. We also purchased some fairly inexpensive antennas, so that we can view "free tv". Sling is OK, certainly affordable at $21 per month. You can set up a month free trail (I think it's a month???). We have a Roku device, so we watch Sling, and have capabilities to subscribe to other services as well. It isn't an easy transition. The Roku is a pain in the booty, and seems to want to reboot right at the end of something. But it is cheap. So, there ya go.

    1. We're doing a 7 day free trial on Hulu and Sling right now. Most of the sports I watch aren't on ESPN (Not to mention, I hate ESPN), they are on local channels or Chicago networks. We have discussed an antenna as well, if we cut the cord, I'm sure we'll pick one up. We did notice that Hulu doesn't have nearly as much as I thought it would. We watch a lot of TV and I think that that's just going to have to change. The price is just getting outrageous anymore.

      We have a smart TV which has Roku in it so that is what we are using as well. We also will keep Comcast for internet because like them or not, they are the fastest internet around.

    2. If you do buy an antennae, don't be too cheap or you'll constantly have to get up and move it around all the time. I'm currently watching NY & KC, while waiting for the Dallas game, with the antennae ~ the picture is quite good, as long as the signal is strong. If you like Vikings, Walking Dead, and the occassional cooking show, Sling isn't too bad. Consider becoming an Amazon prime member & you can watch all kinds of series, movies, etc.