Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 5

I took yesterday off as Sunday is the Lord's day. Not really the reason but it sounds better than the actual reason of I didn't want to shower twice. I desperately needed to shave (it's been 2 weeks), I shave with an electric and that's it so I can't come home from a walk and be all sweaty and then shave, so I decided I'd take the day off, shave then shower and relax. I told you the first excuse sounded better.

I had planned on weighing myself at work since we don't have a scale at home. It's a industrial scale so who knows how accurate it is but I guess as long as I use only that, it will show any loss. I wasn't really expecting to lose anything already, but I wanted to get a weekly record of it and Monday seemed as good as a day as any. Maybe tomorrow.

I did walk today though, I wasn't sure I was going to as they were calling for late afternoon showers, plus I had to leave work, pick up Cheri and then head over to our contractors for a meeting. When we were done there we had to grab the kids at my moms and then head home so I figured after all that, I wouldn't be in the mood, but I more or less forced myself to go. I didn't want to have 2 days off in a row.

I just did my minimum, it was hot and a little later than I normally go plus once I got going, my shins started to hurt again. I had shin splints when I was younger when I played basketball on asphalt so I wonder if that's not rearing it's ugly head.

My goal as I'm walking is to keep at least a 3 mi/hr pace so I was conscience of slowing down and I tried not to. Even as I was getting towards the end and my shins were really hurting I kept up my pace. You can see up above that I averaged 3.1 mi/hr but since I was actually leary of slowing down, apparently I sped up.

Apparently at one point I got up to 5 mi/hr. According to the app, it was around the 20 minute mark when I did which would actually be after the half way point. So kudos to me, maybe that's the real reason my shins hurt.

Not as hot as it's been but I'm sure the heat index or realfeel was hotter because it was pretty muggy and as you can tell, pretty sunny. Although as I type this, it's pouring rain now so I guess it's a good thing I went when I did.

Don't worry, I kept my music in line as well.

Between You and Me (DC Talk)
Shut Up And Dance (Walk the Moon)
No One Like You (Scorpions)
the Stroke (Billy Squier)
Knock Three Times (Tony Orlando & Dawn)
Get Stoned (Hinder)
Stolen Dance (Milky Chance)
Mighty Wings (Cheap Trick)
Here Without You (3 Doors Down)

I love that song, it was great to walk to as well. The beat went right with my strides.

Days walked - 5
Currently miles walked - 12.8 miles
Minutes walked - 3 hrs, 56 minutes

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  1. Maybe you're focused on walking or exercising. I hope that or something else positive is the reason you haven't blogged for a while.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out