Friday, August 14, 2015

Day 3

Apparently this blog has now become a blog about my exercise, or more specifically, walking. I guess that's just the natural progression of the blog. It has been a little of everything in the few years I've had it. Blogging, Book reviews, movie reviews, a journal, you get the idea.

Now that school has started, it will be detrimental for myself to just get off my lazy ass and go. I planned on going after work. Come home, switch my work boots to shoes and then head out. Now that the kids are back in school, I get off work, go over to my moms where I sit on my ass for an hour while I'm waiting for them to get off the bus, then go home. It's harder to get motivated after sitting on my ass.

I went for my second walk this week. I set my goal for a mile and a half after the 3 mile hike earlier in the week kicked my ass. I figured I'd better start smaller and work my way up. I went pretty much the same route as I did earlier in the week but I cut some of it down. I walked my planned route and it actually ended up a little more than the mile and a half that I expected. Let's check it out.

As you can see, I went 2 miles on the nose so I will probably stick to that route for awhile and build up some endurance. It would probably help if I actually walked every day to build that. I headed out the same route for the most part, when I left my apartment though, I walked across the parking lot and walked around the outside of the complex until I got to the entrance and then went across to the neighborhood. I went down, did the 2 loops then came back. When I got back I came in the entrance and hung a right and walked along the outside of the complex again until I got back to my apartment. Like I said, it ended up being 2 miles on the nose so I'll keep that route for awhile.

My speed was down a little which surprised me, I figured a shorter route I would average faster but I guess not. I still did it in 36 minutes which I suppose is alright. It's been about my average lately.

I took this picture on my route so I could see the temperature at the time of my walk, I forgot to do that on the last post but I now see that it actually has the temperature on the map above. I could have used a headband, I had to keep wiping the sweat off my forehead. I plan on walking the next 2 days, we'll see how that goes.

Days walked - 3
Currently miles walked - 7.24 miles
Minutes walked - 2 hrs, 12 minutes


  1. Walking.....the original exersize! I'm not sure I would be excited about it when it's 87 though. It was 98 here around 5pm yesterday, so no walking outside for me until it's a tad cooler. I could get up early and go, but I'm NOT a morning person. Good going. You better keep it up & post it, cause I'll be checking in, bwa ha ha.

    1. I work in the heat all day so it doesn't feel much worse to go when it's 87. 98, on the other hand, is a totally different story. Thanks for checking in on me.