Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 4

I'm posting before noon, who else is shocked? That's right, I actually went for a walk before 10am. I get up at 5:15 am during the week for work so I usually sleep until around 9 or 10 on the weekends. Except for this morning apparently. I woke up around 7 and couldn't get back to sleep so I layed there for an hour before getting up. Trevor had a friend stay the night and his mom was coming by around 8:30 so I got up, checked to make sure they were up and grabbed a banana while I waited. They showed up and left a little before 9 so as soon as they left (and my phone got done updating) I headed out. The plan was to go the usual route (2 miles) but that can always vary depending on my mood.

Well, it varied.

That's right, 3.59 miles. I was feeling pretty good when I headed out. My shins felt stiff if that makes sense but it wasn't painful so I kept going and to be honest, I didn't really feel really sore and probably could have kept going but I figured I shouldn't push it. If you actually follow the map, I stretched it over to the main roads on both sides of the neighborhood.

I upped a couple of my trophy's with my longest walk, time and distance. I'm guessing the fact that I went earlier in the day and not after being on my feet for over 8 hours had a lot to do with that. This also helped.

Another advantage for going in the morning, it was much cooler. The forecast was for 90 degrees later today so it was definitely a good idea to go this morning. That might have attributed to the longer walk as well. I haven't figured out how to carry water with me while I walk so at this moment, I don't take any. I don't want to carry it in my hands and haven't figured out how to strap it to myself. I suppose I could probably shop for something, I would assume they have something that I could strap around myself.

I may do this everyday as well, as most of you know, I love to listen to lots of different types of music, so I'll throw out the songs that I listened to. Why not? I listen to my Anything & Everything playlist which the title says it all. Here's what I listened to this morning.

Something From Nothing (Foo Fighters)
50 Ways to Say Goodbye (Train)
That Don't Impress Me Much (Shania Twain)
No Boundaries (Adam Lambert)
Rollin' (Limp Bizkit)
Headlights (Eminem, Nate Ruess)
Paranoid (Megadeth)
Jump (For My Love) (the Pointer Sisters)
Longer (Dan Fogelberg)
Don't (Ed Sheeran)
Come With Me Now (Kongos)
Beaches of Cheyenne (Garth Brooks)
Should've Said No (Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers)
Love Don't Cost A Thing (Jennifer Lopez)
Music For The People (Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch)
Tequila Sunrise (Eagles)
Score from Halloween (TV/Movie Themes)
No Way We Are Not Ashamed (Carman)
More Sold Out (Whiteheart)
Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers)
Watch Over You (Alter Bridge)
City Lights (Tim McGraw)
Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen)

I think it was funny the last song was Fat Bottomed Girls since I'm trying to get my fat ass smaller.

Days walked - 4
Currently miles walked - 10.83 miles
Minutes walked - 3 hrs, 21 minutes

I don't have to much going on today, I plan on teaching my daughter how to play poker and maybe a couple of other card games. I'll ask my son if he wants to play but knowing him, he won't want to leave his Xbox.


  1. Fabulous! I never carry water either, for the same reason...I just don't want to carry something. Most times I have a leash (& a dog on the end of it, ha ha), so having a bottle of water leaves me no free hands with which to pick up stones to throw at people that bother me. Not really, but something to think about, huh?

    1. I only wear shorts with pockets in them so I don't have to carry my phone, let alone a water bottle. Maybe I should throw rocks at people that bother me. Then I could get some upper body workout too because I would be throwing a lot of rocks.