Thursday, June 6, 2013

Randomness #14

Last week I got all caught up on my Feedly, this week I have fallen way behind again.  I’ve gotten in the habit of skipping a lot of the card blogs, I have more or less stopped blogging on My Sports Obsession anyways so I haven’t been in the mood to read about other cards.  I still love cards, but since we are trying to buy a house, I haven’t been purchasing any, which leads to the lack of blogging there.

My stepdad and I went to see this, it was pretty bad ass.  I love these new Star Trek movies because they have reminded me of my love for the series.  If you’re a regular follower here then you know that I am currently watching the original series (TOS) on Netflix.  I really had forgotten how much I liked the characters until they released the new prequel Star Trek back in 2009.  Yeah, I get the timeline doesn’t always match up with the originals, and I’m not a huge fan of the whole Spock/Uhura relationship (just feels weird) but I think they do a pretty good job with the characterization of the characters and that’s what I love.  I also like all the action compared to the originals.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the originals but I certainly can’t complain about more action.  I will watch this again when it comes out on DVD, so my wife can see it, of course.


I’m thinking about doing a Music Mondays, that’ll give me something on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  That also leaves me 4 other days to post other stuff.  I think for the Music Monday’s it will be something like random songs off playlists or something.  I really should use my Track of the Day’s more often too, I still have some saved, I just always forget to post them.

Samantha’s team has been great to watch (except their last game).  They were undefeated but Samantha is growing up and really looking like a ball player.  I’ve been working with her on her swing and she’s been hitting the ball consistently and consistently hard.  She’s gradually starting to hit past the outfielders.  She’s gotten a few stand up double’s and has  had a few 3 RBI games.  Her name has been in the paper a couple of times as well.

Saturday’s Little League results

Tuesday’s Little League results

Those are off the website for the paper since I hadn’t realized her name was in the actual paper so I didn’t get copies of it.  I asked for help from friends on Facebook but as usual, they aren’t any.  I have a feeling since I only post about once a week, that Facebook doesn’t actually show most of my friends my posts.

Regardless, I love watching her play and I hate it when I have to miss games for work.

I went and played basketball with my brother and some of his friends last Sunday.  I wasn’t great (it’s been years) but I wasn’t horrible either.  But I’ve been feeling it ever since.  I’m gradually feeling better but walking up stairs has been kicking my ass, which considering I live on the 2nd floor, has been rough.  But like I said, I’m getting better. 

It was really great to get out there and play again.  I used to play almost daily growing up in the neighborhood.  I used to be pretty good, I used to beat players who played for our high school all the time in gym class.  I used to love to play.  I would love to play again, but I need to get in better shape and it’s hard to get enough people together to play consistently.  It would help if I had some friends.

Oh yeah!  Today is my birthday.  The big 4-0.  I don’t do much for my birthday and that’s by my choice.  To me, it’s just another day.  I spend most of my day “liking” all the birthday wishes on my Facebook anymore.  I got a little cash from my mother-in-law, I spent it on taking the family out for lunch at IHOP and my mom and stepdad are coming over to have supper with us.  Cheri kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday dinner, I told her I didn’t care.  She is making my favorite dessert though, and it’s something I don’t get enough of.  CHEESECAKE!  That’s what I’m looking forward to.

Strawberry Cheesecake

How can you not look forward to some of that.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I'm so not ready to hit that particular milestone this August. Total denial.

    MMmmm cheesecake. That makes any day great!