Friday, June 3, 2011

Parents influence

For those of you who don't think you influence your kids, let me give you an example that you do.  My brother and I, and 2 cousins who are essentially 2 more brothers all grew up together for a time and to this day are close, even though with some there is distance (700 miles or so).  3 of us love baseball, 1 of us can't stand baseball.  The 3 of us who love baseball, all have kids that play.  For the purpose of this blog entry, I'm going to exclude stepkids because we weren't around when they were young.  I believe all were in high school before they came into the family.  Kevin's kid plays every chance he gets. Phil's got 3 kids playing and a 4th starting next year. I have both my kids playing. Then there is my brother, hates baseball.  And coincidentally, neither of his kids play.  Now I know my brother, and if they wanted to play, he would sign them up.  But since they aren't exposed to it at all, there is no desire.  Which also leads me to believe that if your wife complains you watch to much baseball, tell her your just exposing your kids to a sport they could possibly love.
So if you can influence your kids about the sports you love, imagine your influence on them when you show them your love.  Think about it.

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