Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Weekend

I did a few things this weekend but nothing really exciting. Friday, I worked, came home and took Sam to an appointment. Saturday, Sam and I went to see Suicide Squad and Sunday, Sam and I went shooting.

Friday was hot as hell, with humidty, it was in the mid 90's. I can handle the heat ok, but it is so draining, your body just feels exhausted. My old job was a lot hotter and more humidity and I worked there for 14 years so I can definitely handle it. I filled up my water bottle multiple times on Friday and I rarely empty it once in a day. After work, I came home and showered and ran Sam to her appointment. We got there at 10 till 4 thinking it was at 4, apparently it was at 3:30, oops.

Saturday, Samantha and I got up and went to the early showing of Suicide Squad. I asked Trevor but he decided he wasn't interested in going. I do love purchasing my tickets on my app, plus I get coupons in my email so I like that the whole place is digital now. I don't have print out the coupon, I can just hand them my phone and they scan it right off the screen. Same with the tickets, I load it up on the app, show it to the ticket taker and he prints out my tickets and we go sit down. You gotta love the digital age.

Samantha and I both liked the movie. I didn't really have any complaints about it. I don't know the Suicide Squad origins, other than what I've read recently so I didn't hold it up to a standard, which is a problem a lot of the fans have. That's why it hasn't rated very well. I can go into a movie as it is a stand alone instead of trying to make it out what else it was supposed to be. It also ranks lower on certain websites because Marvel fans who hate DC go on those sight and give it bad ratings just because they have nothing better to do. So reviews and such don't mean much to me, if I think it looks good, I go see it. We both thought it was pretty good and we'll both probably watch it again when it comes to DVD.

Afterwards, we ran by Martin's and picked up some Ice Cream and chocolate since it was Trevor's birthday. He had a friend over most of the day and he stayed overnight. so we had his favorite supper (spaghetti) and then Brownie's with Ice Cream on it for dessert.

Sunday, Samantha and I headed out over to Walmart to pick up some stuff for the range. Targets, ear plugs and ammo for the most part. It was the first time I wore my gun in public since getting my conceal/carry permit. It was a little weird because you feel like everyone is looking at you but I'm guessing for the most part, it was in my head. I just have to get used to it.

Afterwards, we headed to the range we shoot at. Most of the people didn't show up today so for the most part it was us 2, and my brother and his son. Someone dropped off a bunch of old bowling pins so we had fun setting those up and shooting them down. It was a good time and since there weren't a lot of people there, we were only out there for a little over an hour and still shot out quite a bit.

Trevor doesn't like to go shooting with us, I have a feeling he is afraid of guns, which is fine, it's certainly a healthy fear. He didn't even want to touch the gun when I brought it home and I hadn't even bought any ammo yet so it was empty. I need to find something that he and I can do together but we just don't have much in common.

Don't have to many plans this week other than working. I think one day this week I have to stay over and cover 2nd shift but I don't remember which day. I need to get over and donate blood as well this week, I had planned on doing that Saturday after our movie and I spaced it and forgot. I hate going right after work because it's so hot and I'm sweaty but I guess I'll have to suck it up and go anyways.

I've been putting a bunch of work this weekend on my PC blogs as well, making some headway and slowly getting caught up. Cleaned up all my incoming cards as well so I've been productive this weekend, even if I'm still sitting on my ass for most of it.

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