Sunday, October 20, 2013

Podcasts and a proud parent

A friend of mine started a podcast ( that I’ve been listening to and have enjoyed it, so I’ve been searching for others.  I went through SoundCloud and looked through there.  I found a couple but not a lot.  Part of the problem I have is I don’t have the time to listen to a bunch of podcast that are over an hour long.  So ideally, I would like to find a fairly short one, even if it posted daily.  If it’s something I really want to listen to then the length doesn’t matter but I haven’t really found anything that will peak my interest for that long.  Two Bored Vets I make an exception for because one of them is a friend, they usually run just under an hour.

So, like I said, I’m having trouble finding some good ones so I’m looking for some suggestions.  My wife probably won’t appreciate this because I sit on the couch and put my headphones on.  I tell her its not loud enough that I can’t hear her talk, but she probably feels like I ignore her.  She should enjoy it because while I’m listening, she can watch her stuff on the DVR that I don’t watch.

Speaking of podcasts, today I was listening to Mayor Gia’s podcast with her boyfriend and I thought, I could do this.  Really, I could.  I’m actually a pretty funny guy.  The problem is what makes me funny is my quick wit and my lack of filter.  That kind of humor just doesn’t come out on a blog so you’re probably all going, that dude ain’t funny at all.  I kind of randomly threw it out to my wife about doing one, kind of gauging if she would be interested.  I’m pretty sure that was a no, there wasn’t much interest at all, even with me doing one.  I had been thinking about doing short vlogs (video logs) for about a month or so and now I’m thinking about podcasts.  I really need to get some more friends (in general) that have my internet interest.

2013-09-26 16.58.04

I wanted to say how proud I am of my kids.  Samantha finished cross country and while she has found out that she is not a runner, I found out that she is not a quitter.  She struggled and there was only one person on the team that she could beat (that was her best friend on the team) but she kept running.  She never skipped practice and she ran all the meets.  She never even asked to stay home and not go.  I asked her after a meet if I would let her quit (she knows I won’t let her) if she would?  She said no, because it would disappoint my team mates (that’s what I always told her).  I went to all her local meets even though for the most part I watch her start, wait, then watch her finish.  I must admit that I loved seeing her in the sweat suit with the school logo and her number on it.

Basketball is up next for her.  All the school has is an intermural league and she is doing that plus I signed her up for Upwards which is through the local churches and she’ll play there at the beginning of the year.  Definitely looking forward to watching her play the sport that I loved growing up.

As far as being proud of Trevor, we got an e-mail from his teacher that said he was getting an award for making the Principals High Honor Roll and told us when the awards program was.  I took off work and Cheri, my mom and I went.  First he got his high honor roll (all A’s) certificate.  Then he got called up for the school pride (exceptional behavior and academics) certificate which they only picked one kid per class, then he got called up for his perfect attendance award.  So he ended up taking home a certificate for all 3 of the awards they gave out.  It was awesome, I was very proud.

So it looks like I have a brain and an athlete (Breakfast Club reference).  I’m proud of both of them and they are both growing up to be really good kids.

2013-10-17 09.44.54

I took time to update my Tumblr pages for the next few days.  I hadn’t posted anything over there in probably around a week.  See, I slack on all my blogs, not just this one.  I also have been scanning and doing other things for my sports card blog instead of just random posts that I’ve been doing.  Tomorrow, my mom is taking the kids to get their pumpkins and then we will sit down and carve them.  It’s one of our many holiday traditions.


  1. Congrats to both of your kids and to you and Cheri for raising them right!

    1. Thanks, but I know you think I'm raising them right because they don't like ND. Lol

  2. It seems that you have good cause to be proud of your kids. Congratulations, Dad.

  3. I used to run cross country in high school. Now I get winded running to first base.

    1. I hear you, the stairs kick my ass every day.