Monday, October 28, 2013

Music Mondays #11


Welcome to the next edition of Music Mondays.  It’s pretty basic, I take a playlist and put it on random, and post what comes up.

  • Playlist – “Anything & Everything”
  • Description – Anything from Christian to Rock, Rap to Country, Classical to 80’s.  It goes from the 1960’s to current.  Pretty much anything and everything that I like.
  • Number of songs on the playlist – 1,577 songs (up 33 songs from last post)


  1. Raise Your Glass (P!nk)
  2. I’ll Be Alright Without You (Journey)
  3. Music For The People (Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch)
  4. Any Way You Want It (Journey)
  5. I Will Be Here For You (Michael W. Smith)
  6. Another Day in Paradise (Phil Collins)
  7. Forever Young (Rod Stewart)
  8. No More (DC Talk)
  9. Dancing on the Ceiling (Lionel Richie)
  10. Always (Atlantic Star)
  11. Somebody’s Gotta Feel This (Kid Rock)
  12. More Sold Out (Whiteheart)
  13. American Girl (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
  14. With You (Linkin Park)
  15. ABC (Jackson 5)
  16. Hate My Life (Theory of a Deadman)
  17. If You Were Here (Thompson Twins)
  18. Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)
  19. When The Going Gets Tough (Billy Ocean)
  20. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Elton John)

You can see I added another 33 I’m closing in on 1600 songs.

#1 is from P!nk, my wife got me on her, she has quite a few songs that I enjoy.  Yes, #3 is Mark Wahlberg.  Shhh!  I used to have the cassette and his music is for the people.  #7 Forever Young is from his Unplugged album.  Do you remember those from back when MTV actually had music on it.  I loved the Rod Stewart and the Eric Clapton albums from the show.  The Rod Stewart one I have all the songs from the album on the playlist.  I also used to have the album that #11 is on from Kid Rock.  It’s a great, roll down your windows and jam album.

I’ve decided to randomly choose an artist from above and show all the songs I have on my playlist.  I used, put the numbers 1-20 and click random 3 times, the number 6 came up at the top which would be Phil Collins in accordance to the list above.

RANDOM.ORG - Sequence Generator

8 songs by Phil Collins, I probably should include songs by Genesis as well but they aren’t labeled as Phil Collins so I’ll leave those until Genesis comes up.  I think as my favorite I have to go with In the Air Tonight, you have to go with the Miami Vice theme song.  But most of these songs are pretty good.

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