Sunday, January 31, 2021

Dashcam fun

Haven't really been doing anything other than working. I got a dashcam for Christmas and have taught myself (it's not hard) to edit videos because it records in 3 minute blocks and even on one video, it started at the end of a 3 minute block and continued in the next so I had to figure out how to combine them. I posted them on my You Tube channel, mainly for my own safekeeping but they are public so I also had to mute the sound on the videos because they were getting marked with licensing problems because of whatever music I had going in the car.

I haven't really gotten anything crazy yet, but here's what I got so far.

This first one was on my way home from work. I got stuck in a long line on one of the back roads. A lot of people turned around but after work, I'm in no hurry so I just chilled, listened to music and waited. I waited less than 10 minutes before starting to move again. When I finally got to the intersection, I see this. A semi trailer hauling a trailer home couldn't quite make the corner and was up in the grass and took out the stop sign.

I don't know what this guy was doing. Both lanes turn left and the the lane he is trying to get into at first, ends after the turn so I'm confused at what he was doing. Apparently he was confused about everything.

This was filmed after the stop sign on the first video (different day). I was doing about 50 mph when this lady looked like she was going, stopped and then pulled out when it was too late.

Posting these videos isn't the reason I got a dashcam but it's a fun bonus. I don't have to tell my wife about the idiots on the road, now I can show her. I got the dashcam because I don't trust people and don't want to get blamed for an accident that I had nothing to do with because people are stupid. For proof, see the videos above.

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  1. People pull out late like that all the time here in TN, except that here that ALWAYS pull in front of you, and then will never go the speed limit! There's almost nothing driving-wise that ticks me off more than that. I mean seriously, if it was legal to run those people off the road, I wouldn't hesitate to do so :)