Saturday, May 23, 2015

Weight and hate

So, we were on our way to the grocery store this morning to pick up some groceries. We were talking about how we were both gaining weight. I made the comment how I could feel my gut bounce when we hit bumps in the car. The problem with me losing weight is that I'm lazy. I don't want to change the way I eat, I like what I eat. So my other option is to do something exercise wise. Problem is, as I said, I'm lazy. Anyways,

We get to the store, and start shopping. After the first aisle, you go by the deli/cafe. So I grab a medium box of Hoosier Fries (potato wedges) like I usually do. I usually eat a box of them while I shop. Then we get to the cookie aisle, and I grab a box of Chewy Chips-Ahoy. Like I usually do. As we are exiting the cookie aisle, I see the strawberry wafer cookies and grab a package. I really like them and rarely get them. Further down, I'm grabbing some stuff for my breakfasts at work. I also grab a box of Zinger's for work. As I do, I think to myself, no wonder I'm so fat.

Like I said, I need to do something to work it off. At least start walking or something. It can't be all the crap I eat. Anything but that.


We went to my daughter's choir concert last night. It wasn't bad, the first couple of songs with the younger kids was a little iffy but it got a lot better. The high school kids at the end were pretty good, at least from what I could hear. We sat in the back, because my mom is having knee problems and this way she didn't have to walk any further than she needed to. That was a mistake, through the whole program, 2 idiot teenagers behind us were talking at a normal voice. Constantly, like they were the only ones in the room. On top of that, there was an aisle right behind us and somebody was letting their kid throw a paper airplane up and down it and chase it back and forth. Over by the door, 2 adults stood and talked through most of it and don't even get me started on the door opening and slamming though out the whole performance. My stepfather and Cheri were both at the end of their rope, I kept waiting for one of them to go off on somebody. Cheri was so agitated that it took an hour after the performance before she finally was able to get irritation level down.

I was absolutely disgusted by my fellow community.


  1. This post of yours resonates with me in more ways than one. I have that same weight problem. Taking care of Richard I gained about 50 pounds and I am too lazy to take it off. But I have too. I hate being fat. But I like to eat. And I'm too lazy to exercise. What is one to do?? And what you described at the concert is one of the reasons I hate going out. Why can't people just be quiet. I probably would have said something to someone!

    1. I am very antisocial now-a-days. I hate being in public, people just piss me off.