Saturday, May 9, 2015

A spring Saturday

We started off this morning by heading out to the ballpark to watch Samantha play her 2nd game this season. She's their starting 3rd basemen and lead-off hitter this year. Earlier in the week, she went 2-3 with 2 walks in a 10-6 loss so we were hoping for their first win this weekend. Although, we didn't really expect it because the team we were playing has spanked us for years and that was obvious when they came out with 13 runs in the first inning. After that, they tacked on another 10 runs in the next 3 innings even though they sent their girls up to the plate to practice bunting and some of them even worked on hitting from the other side of the plate. We were completely shut out until the bottom of the 4th when we finally got a run in. Samantha was 1-2 with a hit by pitch. She got popped right in the center of her back in the first inning, she took it well. She didn't even cry although she said she was close to it. So now we're 0-2 on the year, which isn't to hot but it is nice to watch her playing ball again.

After the game, we went home for a quick lunch before heading out to see the new Avengers movie. It was pretty awesome but I think my favorite is still the last Captain America movie. These comic book movies have become our family tradition with me and the kids. We've been going to them all together. We always ask their grandfather to go with us because he likes the comic book movies as well. This time my mom went as well.

After that, I had them drop us off at Walmart so we could pick up some Mother's Day items. We were grabbing some cards and were planning on picking up a gift for Cheri but she was to hard headed to give us any ideas. Anyways, I went to look for some cards and this is what I see.

That was all the Mother's day cards that they had, those 2 little sections and on top of that, right out in the aisle instead of in the card aisles so not only are you fighting all those people to look, your also fighting the people trying to get down the aisle. Why was this section (Mother's Day cards) out in the aisle on the day before Mother's Day?

Because the Father's Day cards section was emptied so they could get filled. They couldn't wait a day or 2 until Mother's Day was over, they had to start the day before. Freaking idiots.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and we will be doing our annual tradition of going to my brother's house for a cookout. All the Mothers are getting steaks while the rest of use are eating brats and burgers. My brother does the grilling while the rest of the kids bring or cook other items. I will be providing Cheri's usual contribution to parties of the Cowboy beans. Basically baked beans with sausage and bacon and then flavored. It's Cheri's recipe and while she normally makes them, being as it's her day, I will be making them, with her supervision of course.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Mother's day tomorrow.

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