Sunday, December 7, 2014

What I’ve been up to in social media

I know, I know, it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted. I’m a slacker.  I have been posting to my Tumblr accounts but I queue those up to run a week at a time so I don’t have to mess with them but even with that I’ve gone 5 to 7 days without posting before getting some more in the queue.  If it makes you feel better, I’m 11,477 behind in my feedly too.  I haven’t been spending much time there either, which is where most of the content for the Tumblrs come from to so there’s that reason as well.

What have I been doing?

I updated all my Twitter accounts (cover photos and some profile pics changed) as well as I have been trying to tweet on them more.  I’ve been trying to tweet some personal stuff on my actual account (@jccsst1022) instead of only having my tumblr posts posted for me.  Such as this.


Yeah, some of them are bitching, but I’ve found when I make a complaint about companies on Twitter, a lot of the times, you’ll get a response. I didn’t from UPS, but I have from Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and a couple of others so I tend to take to Twitter pretty quickly when I have a complaint.


I’ve been trying to keep up with my book updates as well, although, now that I see this, I realized I forgot to put any hashtags on it.  A rookie mistake, I told you I was a slacker.

I haven’t been tweeting everything I do or anything, but a couple of tweets a day.  I also post Last Song of the Day posts there as well.

I also have been posting to my sports related account (@sportobsession6).  Such as this.


I’ve been tweeting out when I’m watching games, usually a tweet or 2 a game, not a play by play or anything. I do less bitching on this one, but if I have a sports related one, I’ll let it go.


Yeah, I’m on Snapchat as well. I’m not on it very often and rarely ever send snaps but I do play around some, like on Thanksgiving when I made this.


I don’t ever send them, I just create them and send them to my phone and send them out via text message.  For one, there isn’t very many people on snapchat, at least that I know of.  I was just goofing out for that one, I sent it to Samantha and Cheri. 

Back to twitter, I’ve also been using my Michigan Wolverine twitter account (@MSOWolverines) as well, usually when I’m watching a game.  Such as this.


Sometimes, I’ll just retweet other information that is related to the school.  Such as this.


I know none of that really explains what I’ve been doing all this time but what I have been doing the most is working on My Life blog (which is private) and also my My Sports Obsession – Index, which takes quite a bit of time.

My Life is where I’m taking all my social media and putting it into one blog. Sort of a journal for my kids when I’m gone. I know, it’s morbid, but I lost my father at 8 years old so I’m well aware that my time can come at any time. You go to the day in question on the blog and it will show what I posted on each of my accounts.  Even before social media, you can click on a year and it will show all my photos that I have scanned for that year.  If you want to see all the stuff I’ve posted about a certain family member, search or click on their name and bam, there it is.  Want to see just the photographs I’ve posted, click on the word photographs and each post that has one on it will come up.  As you can tell, it takes some work.  I’m starting with the oldest first so right now I’m only having to deal with Facebook, the 1 Twitter account and YouTube. The closer I get to catching up then I have to deal with a lot more. such as this blog and a couple others, 4 different tumblrs, pinterest and more.  Right now I’m getting ready to start on October of 2010, so as you can see, I still have a ways to go.  A lot of the hard work is done, I’ve screen capped every tweet and facebook post (did that today), now it’s just getting them all together.

My Sports Obsession – Index is just that, an index. I’m using that blog to index all of the sports pictures that I’ve posted on all of my sports related accounts.  Between My Sports Obsession, the 2 sports tumblr accounts, and a few different boards on pinterest.  You’ll be able to search by team or player, college and pro, multitude of sports.  On that blog, I’m up to October 3rd, 2012, but I’m also redoing the ones that I have finished so technically, I’m not that far yet.

So as you can tell, I’ve still been busy, just not on this blog.  Sorry.  I’d tell you that I was going to do better, but let’s face it, I don’t know that I will.


  1. I have also found that the best way to get a company's attention is to make comments on their Twitter or Facebook pages. Bam...immediate response. Try calling them on the phone and you are lucky to even get through.

  2. I don't even have enough time to blog and FB to the extent my friends deserve, let alone Tweet or anything else. God bless you!