Sunday, January 27, 2019

Slow Saturday

I feel like I should post something, I'm sure nobody is really waiting for anything but I hate neglecting the blog. My life pretty much consists of home and work.

Home life is pretty boring. Sam is driving now so I don't have to run her back and forth anymore. We've actually taken in a friend of hers who has just had a rough life. Her family just don't want to take care of her so she doesn't get anything she needs or help with getting to work or anything. We've taken her in which essentially means we've taken financial responsibility for her because in reality, that's all we've done. She wanted to move in because she knows living here, she has to keep up with school work and doesn't have the stress of dealing with all the crap at her place. We met with the guidance counselor and straightened some things at school and are trying to get her on track to graduate on time.

I guess I had something to say after all. I'm still keeping track of my walking on a map. I believe I'm in Idaho at the moment but it'll be awhile before I reach anything because there isn't much around.

Work life is pretty good. I enjoy most of my job. I finally got my lab built and have moved in so that's great. I've had some issues with some of my employees but to be honest, I'm not comfortable posting about work online. Anything can happen with the information and the company I work for is pretty huge and like I said, I enjoy my job so I don't want to jeopardize anything so I generally don't say anything.

So between my boring life at home and not wanting to post about work that pretty much leaves me with nothing to post about. So there you go.

I still post on My Sports Obsession fairly regularly but if you don't like sports cards, that means nothing to you. I also post almost daily on Last Song of the Day which if you like music, or even if you don't, you can check it out. I post the last song that I listened to off of my playlist that currently consists of 3,306 songs. It has pretty much everything on it. Rock, Country and 80's are the top 3 genres with songs posted so far so go check it out.


  1. It doesn't seem boring to me that you took in a young woman who needed your help! That's awesome. Truth be told, my exercise routine has really suffered so far in 2019. Hopefully I'll get back on track next week! You keep walking!

    1. From what I remember reading a day or so ago, you play racquetball so your getting more exercise than me. The majority of my walking comes at work.