Thursday, June 21, 2012

MS Parking and Drugs

I should be reading my Google Reader, I’m so far behind.  I’m on June 14th and it’s now the 21st.  So I’m a whole week behind.  But I’m just not in the mood to read blogs, no offense to you fellow bloggers.  It’s my day off and it’s my lazy day off.  No plans, no need to leave the house other than to return a Redbox DVD to Walmart but I can walk that over there and be back in 10 minutes.  They repaved our parking lot so now I’m waiting for it to dry otherwise I have to walk all the way around to get to Walmart.  I may be the only person in our house who isn’t lazy enough to walk next door, but I’m not going to tack more mileage on it if I can wait a few hours.

Our parking lot had a few spots that needed paved but doing the whole thing was unnecessary.  But I am glad they did.  I think all they did was kind of a spray thing on the top but what I like is they are marking the handicap spots.  Before, all they had were signs marking the spots with arrows.  So people would park in them all the time.  And even though Cheri has a handicap placard, we don’t use it all that often.  But regardless of at the apartment or anywhere else, I get pissed when I see people abusing the handicap spot.  I’m trying to be a little better about it, now that I see the looks we get when we use the spot.  Because on first look, Cheri doesn’t look like she needs it.  Which is why we only use it on certain occasions.  If it’s really humid out (heat kicks her ass for days) or if there is going to be a lot of walking (such as the mall) but if there is going to be a lot of walking, she generally uses her wheelchair so we don’t get the looks once we start breaking that out.  I’ve always gotten upset at people abusing the spots, that’s nothing new.  But I try to be a little more sensitive if they get out and don’t look handicap, because you never know.  But I’m still thinking they aren’t because people suck and are lazy so that’s where my mind always goes first.  Cheri has purchased and placed this on her car as well.

You can have my parking..... Bumper Bumper Sticker by brainonms- 16474941

I’ve read on MS forums where other MS patients have had people say things to them about using the handicap spots.  I’ve actually read it a bunch of stories about it.  Nobody has said anything to us, but I have seen some looks.  And I dare them to say something because I won’t be biting my tongue.

Since I ended up talking about MS, I’ll give an update on how things are going here.  She still has her days where she’s just exhausted, too exhausted to do anything but not really as many days as before.  The recent heat wave has really been keeping her homebound as of late.  She hasn’t even been able to go to the last couple of Trevor’s games because of it.  It has been mid 90’s here for a week or so.  It’s cooled off today so hopefully it’ll stay a little cooler.

She’s been doing her daily injections of Copaxone,  We still don’t use the injector pen and to be honest, I don’t know why anyone would.  Yes, it’s more convenient.  But there is so much more pain when the med is shoved into your body at that rate of speed.  We inject the meds in about a minutes time, just push the plunger nice and slow and she feels very little.  Plus, when using the pens, the needle goes straight down into the skin.  When we inject manually, we pinch the skin and then go in at a 45 degree angle and most of the time, she doesn’t even feel it.  She still has the injection site stuff, itching and knots, but nowhere near the pain.  And this doesn’t make her sick all the time like Rebif did.  Really, as far as we know, it isn’t really doing anything.  But they told us that it was just to slow the progression so I’m not sure we would see any improvement on anything anyways.

We seem to be in a financial hole this week and it may get deeper before we get out of it, but we have gotten good news in that respect.  Cheri has been approved for disability, which is great.  Because we can’t make it on my paycheck alone and there is no way she could work on a regular basis.  If disability didn’t get approved, I was going to have to work another job, which is more time away from my family.  And that’s the last thing I want.  Well some days anyways.

I really should drop that DVD off being as I hear thunder.  So before I go, if you see me post a comment on one of your posts from a week ago, you know why.


  1. You take your time reading whatever you want. When I get behind, I usually just read the most recent post or two of the blogs with the most recent posts. Don't worry about it - you have a lot on your plate. I'm glad the disability came through for Cheri!

    1. I always feel like I'm going to miss something if I don't at least glance at them. It's the OCD in me, I guess. I use the Google Reader to read them so it starts at the oldest. I don't read everything, but I'll always glance and see if I'm going to be interested in it.