Thursday, October 13, 2011


My Monday and Thursday evenings now consist of sitting in an elementary school cafeteria while Samantha and Trevor are having scouts.  Samantha has girl scouts on Mondays and Trevor has cub scouts on Thursdays.  They both love it.  And I get to check out the kids in a social setting.

But what I think is funny is the difference in the adults.  At both meetings, I sit with our previous neighbors and friends Chris or Lisa, depending on who brings their kids.  Now at the boy scouts, all the adults spread out and sit by themselves or some hover over the scouts because they can't apparently leave their kids alone for 5 minutes.  And vice versa, some of the boys can't leave their moms.

Now at girl scouts, all the mothers (and myself) tend to sit together and we chat.  Girl scouts is a lot more laid back and the parents let the girls hang out with each other.  I've always gotten along with the female gender anyways so I enjoy the Monday nights much better than the Thursday nights.  Either way, I usually get to catch up with Chris and Lesa, but its always more fun with a group.

There are other differences but the meeting is finishing up.  In closing, if you get a chance to get your kids enrolled in scouts, you should do it.  Its pretty cheap and the kids love it.  And they teach a lot of stuff to these young minds seeking knowledge.

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